Top 10 Casinos in Macau 2023 China


My Name is Mario and in this week we are in Macau the capital of gambling in China and if you cannot believe that only last year’s revenue for Makau was fifty-seven point 1 billion dollars Las Vegas 6 and 1/2 which is nothing compared to this so the challenge today well we’re gonna take 1,000 Hong Kong dollars and we’re gonna spend on gambling so we’re gonna go to five different casinos and we’re gonna spend 200 Hong Kong dollars in each casino and to make sure we’re responsible with gambling, because this is really important we only gonna spend those 200 Hong Kong dollars and we’re not gonna spend any money that we win if we of course win anything.


So are you ready I am ready as never before so excited so let’s go to number 5 on our list: Galaxy casino Before let’s enjoy the diamond show Wow so excited Its just about to start the show, the diamond show in the area of the galaxy casino so let’s enjoy the show okay so we just been inside the casino and we tried to play roulette and fruit machine and just to remind you this is the first time ever for myself in the casino so I had to learn the rules first and we spent 100 Hong Kong dollars on roulette and 100 Hong Kong dollars on food machine and guess what? We won it how much is one thousand seventy-nine point nine Hong Kong dollars out of two hundred Hong Kong dollars so happy days first time lucky I guess right? you can see how amazing is it this is the view from the Ritz hotel from the 51st floor so I would definitely recommend coming here for coffee like a cocktail or a drink let’s go to the next one so far so good Number four on the list is Parisian casino so well in not in Paris you feel like you are in Paris but in fact, you are in Macau.

The parisian casino was built in 2016 so just recently and the Eiffel Tower is approximately half of the size of the original Eiffel Tower and looks like every 10-15 minutes there is a light and music show on the Eiffel Tower so also if you really want to enjoy the view from the higher deck you can go on the 7th or 37 floor so I’m so excited to go inside the casino to have a bit of the gambling so same rule apply $200 HOng Kong Dollars in this casino only spend those $200 if I win anything I keep the money I not spending them so let’s go and see if we can win anything or just have fun We have been into the Parisian casino and the deal was to spend 200 HK$ that’s how much we put in.

And listen to that, we have won it 213.7 HK$ So we are up 13.7 HK$, which is just about 1euro but it’s all about fun right so let’s go to the next one Number three on the list is Venetian Casino this is the biggest casino in the world you cannot say that you visited Macau if you haven’t visited this, so we are inside the shopping center of Venetian and you can see actually the lake we We are on the second floor in the shopping center and they managed made a fake lake in the middle of the shopping center and do you even have a gondola.

it’s after 10:00 p.m. already so you can actually have a go on the gondola and when you look on the ceiling it looks like is a daytime but again this is a fake sky it’s not real days, there is like 3rd, 4th, 5th and even six floors in the shopping center so you cannot actually say whether is a daytime or nighttime right now We just finish spending time in that Venetian Casino we put in $200 HK$ and we managed to win in total two hundred fifty five point eight I think as far as I can remember yeah about that two hundred fifty five point eight so we spend hundred thousand dollars for roulette and we lost everything and then another hundred HK dollars for fruit machine and we actually WON all the money on this one so well done Number two on the list is Wynn Palace casino and look at this cable car that goes around the lake that is on the front of the palace this is so cool so the same rule apply two hundred dollars we only gonna spend money out of this 200 Hong Kong dollars and anything we win we’re gonna keep it to see if we can actually win oh just actually have fun and lost all money Each casino have something different and this one have a cable car that take you around the lake and it’s free which is absolutely amazing so before we go to the casino we try one of this but so far we visit three casinos and we always managed to actually get more out of the casinos that to live there so let’s carry on let’s go inside the casino so exited okay well what we can say you not always win so we put in 200 Hong Kong dollars and we managed to take out eighty six point seven HK dollars so we lost just over one hundred ten thousand dollars but oh well it’s all about fun right look at that this is fun.

So that’s it for today we is social in the casinos we lost you lost track of time and that’s what’s happened is 25 past midnight we’ve got one more casino to do bad I think it’s gonna have to wait till tomorrow all right And finally number one on the list is Grand Lisboa – such a beautiful building it’s actually looks like lotus flower looks like a lotus flower and it’s amazing it’s got a height of 258 meters and it was opened in 2007 so I actually so excited to go inside and have a bit of gamble and bit of fun and see if we can win something oh maybe just have fun so let’s go same rule apply 200 HK$ no more than that anything we win we keep it right see you up there. Source: 메이저놀이터