Insane Tricks 메이저놀이터 Casinos


Pure and simple, 메이저놀이터 casinos are designed to strip you of your money. Yes, they want you to have a fun time so you’ll visit again, but not too fun of a time that you go home with a lot of prize money. Let’s look at some of the things casinos do to get you to stay, hang out, and lose your hard-earned dough.

From the moment you walk in, the tricks have started, casinos are a sensory overload. Bright colors, flashing lights on electronic gaming machines and music stimulate your senses and invite excitement and want to participate.

However, if you keep looking around perhaps you notice something odd; there are no windows. In fact, minus the entrance to the casino-there is no natural light. Often the casino doors are heavily tinted to minimize the sunlight outside too.

If you can’t look outside, you lack visual awareness that time is passing. For the same reason, casinos don’t have clocks. Time flies when you’re having fun, except 메이저놀이터 casinos would prefer that you forget that time is flying.

Some casinos go as far as painting their ceilings to look like daytime skies further adding to the temporal discombobulation. They’re hoping to trick you into thinking that no matter what time it is, it’s an appropriate time to be gambling.

Upon further investigation of a casino’s decor, you might notice that the lighting is subdued. Soft, maybe even dim, to create a cozy laid-back ambiance. The background music is the same: soft, easy, and discreet.

The lighting and background music remains the same day or night–another time trick. Casinos want you to feel relaxed and like you’re hanging out among friends. The mellow, pleasant background decor doesn’t detract or draw your attention from roulette or the flashy gaming machines.

The carpet in casinos tends to be vibrant with gaudy patterns. In many cases, it’s designed not to be visually restful, meaning that you’ll keep your eyes off the floor and where they belong–on your video poker game.

It’s harder to drift off and get sleepy looking at bright, busy patterns; this might give a tiny edge to your choice to stay in the 메이저놀이터 casino instead of going home or to your hotel room. Also, the ugly patterns are handy in helping to hide stains.

In well-run casinos, it’s always very tidy. If there’s ever a drink spill or any kind of a mess, staff quickly materializes to clean up and resolve the issue. Casinos never want to spoil the illusion that this is a happy fantasy place where you can relax and let loose.

Vomit, sticky soda spills, and crumpled napkins belong in the real world, not here. Something else helping to keep you awake and on the gambling floor is the extra oxygen casinos pump into the air. High levels of oxygen keep us feeling refreshed and alert allowing us to gamble longer.

Casinos have HVAC systems with heavy-duty air filtering and purification technology to minimize the smells of cigarette smoke, alcohol, human funk, and maybe even the desperation and misery that may pervade the air.

However, many casinos have taken it a step further and pipe-vaporized aromatic oils and even pheromones into the air to invoke feelings in guests. Many places have custom signature scents meant to mimic a particular thing such as a Polynesian island or a citrus grove.

The scent is another uncomplicated thing to add to the ambiance and promote a subconscious sense of comfort and ease to once again cause you to stay longer and spend more money. Some researchers have wondered if a casino’s scent creates a Pavlovian response in regular customers.

Since you subconsciously associate the scent with the casino, when you come to the casino the smell primes you to gamble and just maybe you end up spending more time than you had initially planned at the 메이저놀이터 casino.

As of yet, there’s no reliable method to study this theory, but it makes sense to us. If the smell of baking oatmeal cookies can make you nostalgic for rainy afternoons spent with grandma–miss you Nanna–then a scent can subtly encourage you to 메이저놀이터 gamble.

Like a certain furniture/meatball store, casinos tend to be maze-like, even disorienting. No straight areaisles leading to exits. Instead, you must trek curving pathways that conveniently take you past strategically placed gaming sections to reach an exit.

As you wander through the rows of flashing slot machines on your quest for an exit, they hope to lure you into one last spin…or maybe several last spins. There’s always the chance you’ll turn back and spend a few more hours and therefore a lot more money in the casino.

You might notice that the cashier’s booth where you exchange chips and tickets for cash is usually deep in the casino. It’s a strategic design choice just like the exits. Once again you are forced to walk by many different types of gambling opportunities on your way to cash out.

The same for the restrooms and eateries. Another tactic is that often the cashier’s booth is minimally staffed so there’s a long line to cash out. Would it be more fun to wait in line or to pay at a nearby slot machine and keep your eyes open for when the line gets shorter? Once you have your winnings, you might notice that the cashier has given you the largest denomination of bills possible.

So if you want to have one final crack at an electronic gaming machine on your way to the exit, you’ll have to bet with a $5 or $10 and not a $1. Let’s talk about money for a second. In the majority of casinos, it’s easy not to use money at all.

Some games require chips, and electronic gaming machines take digital credits. Many casinos let you load money onto a card that is used for digital games. Sometimes they encourage you to do so by offering bonus credits depending on the amount loaded onto the card.

When you’re spending digital credits or playing with chips, it can be easy to lose track of how much money you’ve spent, lost, or won. When you leave or win at an electronic gaming machine, it prints a ticket with your remaining balance.

This is another way to dissociate gambling from spending real money. It becomes easier to feed the ticket into another machine rather than go through the hassle of exchanging it for cash. Many casinos offer free or heavily discounted drinks and snacks.

Trust us, casinos aren’t doing this to be hospitable. Alcohol consumption creates a loss of inhibitions and compromised decision-making. In the short term, it can also stimulate exhilaration and be socially outgoing.

That means you’re more likely to be excited, and enthusiastic, make poor bets, and spend more money. Whatever the casino loses on the liquor they make up for your poor decisions. Furthermore, if the casino provides you with snacks, you won’t get hungry and leave.

Some casinos offer free perks such as complimentary meals, hotel rooms, event tickets, and access to exclusive lounges. However, make no mistake. Free perks are a careful calculation. The truth is that whatever casinos give away in perks, they make that back hundreds of times over from the same people awarded the comps.

Some casinos have hosts that roam the gaming floor on the lookout for patrons who are nearing their quitting point. For example, if a host sees a patron has a big loss or maybe is being rough with a video poker machine in frustration, they may zoom over and make encouraging chit-chat, offering a voucher for a free meal or drink.

Offering the patron just enough of a break to dispel tension; chances are the patron will resume gambling afterward. Sometimes perks are earned through 메이저놀이터 casino loyalty programs where with every dollar played you earn points.

Cool, you scored a free $50 surf and turf dinner with your points, but if you were to add up how much money you lost earning the points for the dinner, you spent $1,000. Sometimes receiving a free perk can subconsciously invite you to gamble.

Free items can ease the sting felt by losing money, even making you feel like you’ve balanced the scale or even come out on top and ‘beat’ the casino at their own game. Your perceived ‘win’ of perks can cause you to stay and gamble even more because you have not walked away empty-handed.

The slot machines might be the most dangerous section on the gambling floor. Everything about them is trying to captivate you. The flashing lights, ringing bells, and cheerful, celebratory music stimulate the reward center in your brain.

Slot machines are powered by highly sophisticated computers driven by complex algorithms. Most have a feature called the ‘near miss’. This means the jackpot or any other big prize symbol appears to fail to line up by just one character on a carefully calculated certain percentage of spins.

how 메이저놀이터 casinos make Money

This gives you the impression that you almost won 메이저놀이터 and therefore you’re likely to play again. However, you are no closer to having won than if the desired symbol had not appeared on the reel at all. Every so often, a slot machine will pay out a paltry sum of money to entice you to keep going.

Most slot machines are multi‐line, players can wager on more than one line per spin. Often players place the maximum number of bets on each spin. This strategy means a player can win on some lines while losing on others, gaining back less than their original wager.

These events are known as “losses disguised as wins.” You’re winning, the machine is cheering you on, and your brain’s reward center is lighting up, but you don’t come out ahead. Nevertheless, studies have shown that most players prefer the multi-line slot machines and often place the max bet because the chance of winning something, even if it’s a small return is so pleasurable.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t visit 메이저놀이터 casinos if that’s what you like to do. Go enjoy the experience for what it can be: a fun social outing with friends where you test your luck and maybe your card-playing skills and even win some dough.

But be realistic about what’s happening–ultimately the house always wins. And now that you’ve reached the end of our video, why not keep the watch party going?! Plan on winning the lottery sometime soon? Check out our tips on the best way to spend your lottery winnings Or if you would like to learn more about gambling and how casinos make money, take a chance on this video It’s a winner!