Sporadic loss of steering assistance

Document Created: 26.03.03
Last updated: 08.08.2006

Models: 307 with electric power steering pump.

Symptoms: Steering goes heavy for periods of various lengths or, total loss of steering assistance whilst maneuvering and driving along.

Possible causes: Poor earth connection behind the right headlight or moisture in the pump unit connector; defective pump unit; low fluid level due to leak.


1. Low fluid level.
Always check the fluid level first if any power steering problems are present.
Fluid leaks at the rack pinion have been quite common.

2. Connector.
When intermittent loss of steering assistance do the following: Loosen and then retention the bolt at the earth point. Unplug the pump connector and blow it out with compressed air. Check the contacts for corrosion.
This solution only appears to be effective only in few exceptions.

3. Pump unit.
If there are no fluid leaks, the fluid level is correct and the solution 2 above is ineffective then the power steering pump unit may need to be replaced.
Replacement of the pump always seems to cure the symptoms described on this page.

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