Peugeot 206 Suspension knock

Document created: 08.02.2003

Last modified: 16.08.2006

Models concerned: 206 GTi and 206 CC 2 litre

Knocking noise from the front of the vehicle when turning corners under light acceleration. The noise usually stops as soon as the brake is slightly applied. In all the cases known to us the knock could not be heard when driving straight and over bumps.

Play in the front inner joint of the suspension control arm.

It may not be possible to detect the play with the car on a hoist with the suspension fully extended.
It is therefore best to detach the balljoint from the hub; the smallest amount of play will then become easily noticeable.

Several of these joints had to be replaced to date. It appears there is a general weakness in that area, as in all cases known to us, the bearing failure occurred at very low mileage.
Worth keeping an eye on!

New Note:
Since the creation of this document many more joint failures have occurred. One vehicle had to have 2 joints replaced with 12 000km on the clock. Without any doubt, there is a problem with these parts. Peugeot owners with noise in the front suspension should have the control arms checked by a technician.

Part number: P3523.AS

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