TU5JP Engine Stopped. Fault reading not possible.

Created: 15. 04. 2003
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Model: 206 XR, TU5JP engine, BOSCH MP 7.2 injection.

Problem: Engine stopped and would not restart; engine turns over but does not fire at all.

Diagnosis: Access to the engine ECU with DIAG 2000 impossible. Typical indication of power supply problem. Checks revealed battery+ supply at double relay absent. We found a break in the circuit at the black 36 way connector (IC 02A) in the front left wheel arch. Terminal 1 with wire BH26 was faulty.

Solution:The faulty connector had to be by-passed by soldering a wire to BM26 at each end of IC02A

References used: Wiring diagram book 1390 page 24.

See below: Photograph of the faulty connector

Image of connector

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