Electric throttle fault

Created: 25. 07. 2008
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Peugeot 307, EW10A Engine, MM6LPB Engine management.

Intermittent, no throttle response, erratic idle, engine stalls.
Engine warning light on. Message on display, -Depollution system faulty-

Fault codes logged in the engine ECU.
1. P1153 Throttle stop programming.
2. P1161 Throttle position check.
During the initial inspection of the relevant connectors
a liquid was discovered in the engine ECU. See images below.

Short circuit in throttle body wiring circuit due to:
Engine coolant entry to control unit connector 32 way gray. (32V GR)
Coolant originated from leaking coolant temperature sensor.

Image: Connector 32V GR on the right

Image: Coolant inside the ECU connector.

Schematic of coolant temp. sensor wiring.
The electric throttle body and the coolant temperature wiring
terminate both in the same ECU connector.

Dry out the connector and ECU.
Replace the leaking coolant temperature sensor.

Fault codes. (DTC):
This is a list of other fault codes relating to the electric throttle housing.
P2100, P2101, P2102, P2103; Motorised throttle control.
P1157, P1158; Motorised throttle track 2.
P0122, P0113; Motorised throttle track 1

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