407 Motorised Throttle Malfunction

Created: 10. 06. 2008
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Peugeot 407, EW12J4, MAGNETI MARELLI 4MP2.

Engine warning light on. Message -Antipollution Fault- on display.
Erratic idle, stalling. Rattle under the bonnet for about 5 seconds after turning on the ignition or after opening a door.

P0123 Permanent fault. Motorised throttle signal 1. Short circuit to positive or open circuit.
P1153 Permanent fault. Throttle stop learning. Malfunction.
P1161 Permanent fault. Throttle position captor, check. Coherence.

This sort of problem is usually caused by an internal fault in the motorised throttle as in this case.
Part involved on this pariticular vehicle: 1636.15
The rattle which can be heard is the rapid and uncontrolled movement of the throttle butterfly.

Fault 1
The contact brushes for the first track of the potentiometer have broken off.

Image: Enlarged view of the potentiometer contacts.

Image: Inside of the motorised butterfly housing.
The arrow ponts at the location of the potentiometer.

Fault 2:
Cogs have broken off from two gears.

Image: Reduction gears between the motor and the butterfly.

Replacement of the electric throttle housing with a new component.

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