Peugeot 307 Anti Pollution Fault

Created: 16. 10. 2003
Updated: 17. 06. 2004

307 EW10J4 MM4MP2 injection with motorised butterfly.
307 EW10J4 MM6LP injection.

The "Anti Pollution Fault" message comes up on the display. The engine performance may be poor and in some cases the vehicle can't be driven.

Update the MM4MP2 ECU to software version 0402, and MM6LP to 0F02. Always carry out the initialisation procedure. Follow the guide in DIAG 2000.

There can be many other causes for the Anti Pollution Warning to be displayed. The software update should always be done first when there is no other obvious cause.

Initialization procedure

EW10J4 (RFN) Engine with motorised throttle. MM4MP2 injection.

The initialisation must be carried out after: A software download, replacing the engine ECU, the EGR valve, the oxygen sensor, the injectors, the motorised butterfly.
Do not start the engine for at least 10 minutes before commencing the operation.
The water temperature must be below 30°C.
The A/C turned off.
The DIAG 2000 must be connected to the field.
If a new engine ECU is fitted, carry out the matching of the ECU first.

  1. Cleare the ECU fault codes.
  2. In the injection diagnostics menu validate "INITIALIZE THE AUTOADAPTIVES"
  3. When the message "LEAVE THE IGNITION ON FOR 15 SECONDS" appears, validate.
    (From this point on ignore the DIAG messages).
  4. Switch off the ignition and wait 15 seconds. (zeroing of the adaptives.
  5. Switch on the ignition for 15 seconds. Listen for the clicking of the EGR valve.
    If you do not hear the EGR valve, the procedure has to be restarted.
  6. Briefly crank the engine.
  7. Switch off the ignition and wait for 12 minutes. (End of power latch and memorisation of the learning procedure.
  8. Switch the ignition back on and wait 15 seconds, then start the engine.
  9. Allow to run until the cooling fans come on.
  10. Drive the vehicle in 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th gear. Carry out a deceleration without braking to achieve injection cut-off.

17. 06. 2004 Update

From this date the DIAG 2000 version is CD 04A V40.14 The above initialization procedure is now incorporated with DIAG. After completion of the download a menu that guides the operator through the procedure will automatically become available. The initialization is a rudimentary part of the updating procedure and must not be omitted.

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