Pressure sensor

Created: 10. 06. 2007
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Peugeot 307 HDi, DW10BTED4, SIEMENS SID803.

Engine warning lamp on instrument panel permanently lit.
Message on display: Anti pollution fault or De-pollution system faulty.
Engine ECU permanent fault, exhaust gas pressure sensor signal.
The engine performance is normal.

The sensor is mounted onto the brake booster. To gain access it is necessary to remove the battery and the battery carrier.
Important: When removing the battery correct disconnection procedure must be followed. If procedure is not followed, Random fault codes may be generated or computers can be damaged.

The picture below shows the sensor mounted on the brake booster

The picture below shows oxidation in the sensor's connector.

Faulty exhaust gas pressure sensor.
It was found that water drips onto the sensor from the sound proofing above.
Green oxidation inside the sensor's connector confirmed the ingress of moisture.

Replace the sensor. Wrap the new sensor in a plastic bag for protection.
Alter the routing of the wiring harness. Cut the 2 cable ties near the sensor and loop the harness downwards to stop water running along the wires.

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