Diesel engine will not run

Vehicle Information

Model: 406
MY: 11/97
Engine: XUD11BTE
Fuel system: Lucas Epic
VIN: VF38BP8C2804544***
DAM: 7667

Description of the problem

The engine stopped and the vehicle had to be towed. Fuse number 25 was found to be blown, when a new fuse was inserted it blew immediately after turning the ignition key.
The problem was traced back to the fuel management control unit where pin 48 was found to be directly shorted to any of the earth connections on the plug. (Not the ECU housing)
Pin 48 receives current from the multifunction relay pin 13 via wire 1209.

Method of rectification

We chose to have the ECU repaired over the replacement option, which would have amounted to a parts cost close to A$3000.
The repair turned out to be successful and economical.


The reason for the failure could not be established. After the refitment of the control unit the alternator charge voltage was monitored for 30 minutes at a high but safe 14.5 Volts.

The ECU repair was carried out by:

ACA Automotive Computers Australia Pty Ltd
26 Cross Street
Brookvale NSW 2100
Phone: (02) 9907 1861


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