Fitment of factory cruise control to PEUGEOT 307

Created: 09. 02. 2004
Updated: 28. 10. 2004

The manufacturer does not recommend retrofitting of factory cruise control . Retrofitted cruise controls may stop working after installation of software updates. Anyone who installs a cruise control to a vehicle where it is not specified as original equipment does so at his or her own risk and without the manufacturers guarantee.

It may be possible to retrofit factory cruise control to the models listed below.
At your own risk.

Petrol Engines
Diesel Engines

The only part required is the control stalk, which has to be plugged into the COM 2000 Unit.
The new column shroud is optional, as the existing part can be easily adapted without any loss of aesthetics. This will knock $100 of the bill. The engine ECU and BSI have to be configured. This can only be done with the diagnostic computer.

It is not possible to fit factory cruise control to the Peugeot GTi 180. (as sold in Australia)The configuration in the current model's engine ECU is set to "absent" and cannot be changed.

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