Belt Noise

Created: 02. 06. 2003
Updated: 08. 06. 2007

206 307 with TU5JP4 engine. (1.6 Litre)

Noise from the drive belt. The noise mainly can be heard when the engine is cold.

Fitting of an after market belt.
Belt sizes: Automatic, 6K-1150; Manual, 6K-1125.

Updated information:

The static belt tensioner can be replaced with a dynamic tension pulley.
The following parts are required to make the modification:
1 Tension pulley: 5751.C3
1 Belt: 5750.PL if 80 amp alternator.
1 Belt: 5750.PP If 120 amp alternator.

The rating of the alternator can be found on the back of the unit. It will be marked CL8 or CL12

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