Noise from exhaust manifold.

Created: 18. 03. 2003
Updated: 13. 05. 2004

Peugeot 206 GTi, 307 with EW10J4 engine.

Tapping, knocking or rattling noise that appears to be coming from the engine at acceleration. Usually the noise can be recreated by short bursts of free revving accelerations. In some cases the noise can be similar to a tappet noise.

Loose pipes inside the exhaust manifold.

At the exit of the manifold, weld the pipes toghether and to the outer shell.

To determine if a manifold if faulty it is necessary to remove the engine pipe. A screwdriver can be used to lever against the individual pipes. If it is possible to move any of the pipes then it is highly likely that the manifold is the cause for the vibration or knocking noise.

Image of exhaust manifold

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