Camshaft Timing. 306 XU7JP Engine

306 with XU7JP engine.

Risk of valve damage due to incorrect camshaft timing after belt replacement.

camshaft pulley As on most Peugeot engines the crankshaft and the camshaft can be locked into position by inserting pins through the crankshaft and the camshaft pulleys. On models with harmonic balancers the outer section usually moves its position relative to the center. The reference hole provided must therefore never be used to set the crankshaft.
Although this problem was first discovered on a 306 XU7JP engine, it can occur on any model, which is fitted with a similar pulley.
See in the section below how to correctly position the camshaft.

Setting the crankshaft position.

First lock the camshaft into position in the normal fasion. Position the crankshaft so that the key-way points to the bolt on the left
(90° angle from the base of the engine block).
With this alignment the pistons are at ½ stroke. Now fit the belt.
Always turn the engine over by hand to ensure there is no interference between the pistons and the the valves.

Crankshaft position


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