Control Stalk Connection For Eurovox Radio + Testing

Created: 23. 10. 2003
Updated: 27. 12. 2003

Model: Early 206 and 406 Coupé Australian imports.

All early models Peugeots had their radios fitted here in Australia. Although the vehicles left the factory without a radio some of them had a radio control stalk fitted to the steering column. Due to customer demand Eurovox had to adapt their units to work with the Peugeot remote stalk. Below is a diagram that shows how to match the wires between the modified Eurovox radio and the Peugeot switch. Only 3 wires need to be connected.

To StalkTo Radio
Blue Wire—|—Yellow Wire
Red Wire—|—Green Wire
White Wire—|—Blue Wire

Testing The Switch

Cut the wires at the joint between the radio harness and the switch harness. Use an Ohm meter and connect to the switch harness as outlined below. Operate the switch in order to optain the specified readings.
The values were taken from a new switch; tolerances are therefore not available.

Connect the tester to the red and white wire
Switch FunctionResistance in Ω
At Rest
Decrease volume. (Down)660


Connect the tester to the blue and white wire
Switch FunctionResistance in Ω
Increase volume. (Up)650
- (Push)0
+ (Pull)181

Common Faults

We will publish the common causes for stalk failure and how to repair them in the next update of this page

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