206 Door Lock Replacement

Model: All 206 Models without dead locking up to DAM 8575.

Vehicles from DAM 8576 are fitted with a newly designed door lock actuator. This modified part will also be supplied as a replacement part for all earlier models. It is therefore necessary to replace the 9-way connector with a 6-way connector every time a lock is replaced.
This document provides the information for terminal matching from old to new. See the tables below.

Please note! Any vehicle with a DAM 8576 or higher should not require the modification.


Parts required for the modification

Part Number
Terminal (X6) 6541 E6
Clip holder (X1) 6541 LR
Plug (X1) 6541 LS


All 206 models to DAM 8575

206 to DAM 8575 Pins.
Function Old New
Motor 2 3
Motor 7 5
Switch (door open/closed) 6 1
Switch (lock/unlock) 3 6
Ground 4 2
  • Use the table on the left to match actuator pins on 206 models to DAM 8575 with single locking.
  • The central locking on all 206 models is triggered via a single wire.
  • One wire (pin 1 on the new connector) is used to send the door open or shut message to the control unit.


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