Peugeot 307 Front indicators not working.

Created: 18.03.2006
Updated: 18.03.2008

Peugeot 307

Any one of the front or both front indicators intermittently or permanently not working.
Problem reoccurs after cleaning contacts etc.

One possible problem is a bad connection inside the headlight unit.

Solder two wires direct to the globe holder and join to the connector at the headlight unit. Removal of the unit is not required.

Step 1
Remove the indicator globe holder from the affected headlight unit.
Step 2
Remove the bulb and the seal from the holder.
Step 3
Use a small screwdriver to lever the contact tabs away from the recess.
Step 4
Break off both tabs with a pair of pliers.
Step 5
Drill two holes Ø2mm to Ø3mm.
Observe angle and position of the drill in the picture.
Step 6
Strip back 2 pieces of wire, twist and bend back as shown.
Wire length approx. 20 cm
Step 7
Now fit both wires through the holes you drilled. Slide the bent over section of the copper wire behind the metal part of the globe holder.
Now twist both wires together. This will help to keep the wires in place for soldering.
Step 8
Solder both wires to the globe holder.
For a better joint use silver solder.
Step 9
After the wires have been soldered, remove any protruding material.
Excess material protruding above the lines shown will make it impossible to fit the holder to the light unit.
Step 10
Fit the rubber seal to the globe holder.
Use suitable sealer to block off the gaps between wires and globe holder.
Water flows through in that area and will enter the headlamp if the sealing is compromised.

Final step:
Connect one of the wires to ground. Any of the green/yellow wires are ok. Locate the indicator wire, pin 5 at the headlamp connector.
Cut this wire an join with the other wire.

Very important
Ensure the globe holder is water tight after the repair. Otherwse water will enter the headlamp..


Work on a motor vehicle's electrical equipment should only be performed by qualified auto electricians.
Damage can be caused to the electrical system if correct procedures are not followed.
We do not advise car owners without necessary skills to attempt their own repairs.
The above instructions may not be applicable for your particular problem. It is up to you to decide if these procedures should be applied to your vehicle or not. Use these instructions at your own risk!

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