Permanent fault in BSI and instrument panel.

Created: 04. 04. 2007
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Peugeot 206 with multiplexed electrical system.

DAM: 9158

Several warning lights illuminate whilst driving along. Instrument panel remained active after engine off.
No symptoms were present at time of diagnosis, only permanent DTC logged.

Fault codes:

Open circuit in data bar wiring between instrument panel and BSI.
No contact between terminal 10 and pin in black 10 way connector the the BSI side.

Removed the terminal in question from the 10 way connector and squeezed together the contacts.
All fault codes changed to intermittent and could be cleared.

Relevant connections for this problem:
On the BSI:
Black 10 way connector. Terminal 8 wire 9004 and terminal 10 wire 9005.
On the instruments:
Blue 18 way connector terminal 4 wire 9004 and terminal 2 wire 9005.

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