Peugeot 306 ABS warning light

Created: 13. 06. 2003
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Model: 306 N3
System: BOSCH 2E ABS

Symptoms: The ABS warnign light on the dash illuminates for short periods under the following conditions:
1. When reversing or just engaging reverse gear. 2. When switching on the headlights.

Cause: Poor earth at one or both tail lights. All functions in each light unit have a common earth. The high resistance at the light unit's earth outlet will cause the current from any function to feed back through the other bulbs. This means that every time when the reversing lights or parking lights (Headlights) were switched on, a voltage appeared at the brake light although the brakes were not applied. This was interpreted by the ABS control unit as a brake switch fault and consequently an error code was logged and the warning light illuminated.

Rectification: The problem is usually in the connectors at the lights and not at the earth point to the body. The best way to rectify this fault is by fitting an earth wire directly to the circuit board of each light unit.


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