306 Door Wiring

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Warning! This repair is very time consuming and difficult.

A-Pillar Symptons: Electric windows not working (it is possible for the left window to malfunction when the wiring on the right side is faulty). In some cases the window may operate when the door is moved.
Central locking not working at all. The central locking unlocks after locking.
Activation of central locking when opening or closing the door.
Speaker not working or static or crackling.
Most possible cause:
One or several wires in the harness between the a-pillar and the door are broken.
Solution A:
Solder the broken wires and insulate with electrical tape. Also tape up any cracked wire insulation
It is important to keep the solder section as short as possible in order not to create too much rigidity in the harness. In some instances, where a break is close to the connector, it may be necessary to chip away part of the connector in order to join the wires.
Solution B:
Eliminate the door harness connector. Gain entry to the door harness via speaker hole or remove the door trim panel. Detach the connector and cut the wires. Hardwire the door harness directly with the cabin harness.
Insure the joints are outside the span between door and pillar to prevent future fatigue breakage. Route the harness through the opening where the connector used to be mounted. Use a suitable grommet and soft flexible conduit to protect the wires.
Remove the door to gain easier access.
For a more permanent repair use solution B.

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