Loose needles in 206 GTI instruments

instrument cluster

Model: 206 GTI

Symptoms: Any of the gauges on the instrument cluster giving false or erratic readings.

Cause: There have been quite a large number of cases where one or several of the gauge needles on the 206 GTI instrument clusters have come loose on the shaft.

Rectification: By replacement of the instrument cluster.

The diagnosis of this problem is straight forward by removing the cluster and its perspex. Any faulty needle will pull of its shaft without resistance.
As a temporary solution we have successfully reattached needles with super glue. This option may become more important ones a vehicle is out of warranty.


A more economical option:

BBA-reman can now rebuild your 206 GTI cluster. We have seen a few recently with Speedometer failure.

Like all of our products this comes with a two year warranty. If your dash is not listed please contact the office and we will see what we can do.
Follow the link below.

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