Diagnostic socket pinout for 306 N5

Created: 20. 07. 2007
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Peugeot 306 N5

Unable to access any ECU with the diagnostic computer.
GreeN light on PPI turns off when connected to the diagnostic socket.

Incorrect wiring of the diagnostic socket.

Move all wires to the correct pin positions.

OBD socket pinout
We hope the information below is sufficient to verify the wiring of a diagnostic socket.
Each line gives the following information:
OBD pin number, function, wire number, wire color Remote source, connector and pin number.
Note: The wire numbers and colors are a guide only to help with identification.
Numbers and colors may differ between models.
The numbers on many wires may be illegible.

  1. Ignition +, CC40 Red Ignition lock. Gray connector pin 2.
  2. Blank
  3. Engine speed, 426 Brown Engine ECU pin 6, Transmission ECU pin49, Instrument blue connector pin 21
  4. Tester Earth MC40 Green/Yellow Earthing point MC34
  5. Reference Earth MC41 Green/Yellow Earthing point MC34
  6. Air conditioning 8000 Gray Air conditioning module black connector pin 7
  7. Transmission, Engine diagnostic 140 Orange Engine ECU pin 16, Transmission ECU pin 18
  8. Cooling fan test 1510 Red Cooling fan relays power out
  9. Blank
  10. Blank
  11. K3 Alarm unit. 824 Brown Passenger compartment protection unit 26 way black connector pin 7
  12. K4 ABS, 702 Orange ABS module pin11
  13. Airbags 6506 6543, Gray Mauve Main module pin 14, left module pin 12, right module pin 12
  14. Blank
  15. ? 141 Blue Engine ECU pin 13, transmission ECU pin 17
  16. Battery +, BMF26 Beige BMF1 blue 2 way connector pin 2

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