2E BOSCH ABS Fault code reading.

The fault codes on this system can be read by flash code from the ABS warning light on the instrument panel.
A tester is not required to perform this operation.

Reading the Codes

Connect a lead to wire 12 or terminal 1 on the gray test connector M897. The connector can be found near the ABS unit. Earth the lead and maintain the connection. Switch on the ignition.
The sequence will start with the code 12
With no faults memorized, code 12 will flash continuously.
If faults are memorized, each code will be repeated 3 times. After the last fault code has been displayed, the sequence will start again with code 12. The sequence will be repeated until either the ignition is turned off or the earth lead is disconnected.

Erasing the Codes

The fault codes can be erased from the memory by turning the ignition on and off 20 times. Each time the ignition is turned on make sure it remains on long enough for the ABS warning to light up.
Only faults that have occurred within the last 20 starts can be stored in memory. In the case of a intermittent lighting up of the ABS warning light with long periods in-between, it is necessary to read the faults reasonably soon after the incident or they could be automatically erased.

Code Interpretation

Fault codes for Bosch 2E Anty-Lock Brakes
12Start of sequence
15Safety relay control check
16Stop lamp switch
18Toothed wheels conformity
33Rear LH wheel sensor
34Front RH wheel sensor
35Rear RH wheel sensor
41Front LH wheel sensor
42Front right wheel inlet/outlet solenoid
44Front left wheel inlet/outlet solenoid
51Rear wheels inlet/outlet solenoid
53Pump motor
55Control Unit
56Autodiagnostic line
57Supply after safety relay


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