307 Door Handle

Created: 15. 11. 2005
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Peugeot 307

The trims keep falling off the door handles.

There appear to be two reasons for the trims falling off. The first one is excessive longitudinal movement of the door handle and the second one is inadequate strength of the securing tabs. When the door handle is pulled to open the door, it can move back and knock the trim off its mounting.

There is a very simple way to almost eliminate the risk of the trim falling off again. First remove the door panel and carefully peel back the waterproofing sheet to gain access to the back of the door handle. Be careful not to damage the sheet so it can be re-attached later. No other parts need to be removed, the handle and bracket remain in place. The next step is to simply attach a cable tie as shown on the picture below. There is enough space between the door skin and the bracket to push through the cable tie. Wrap it once around the pivot of the handle and then pull it tight. This will inhibit the forward movement and almost guarantee that the trim will never fall off again.

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