Noise from Air Conditioner

Created: 01. 11. 2003
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Early models 406 with ES9J4 engine.

Problem: Rumbling noise from the air conditioning system. The noise relates to engine speed and pressure/temperature condition of the refrigerant. It usually becomes audible after few minutes of operation and responds to changes in engine speed. The noise occurs in cycles. Each cycle usually starts at a low level with gradually increasing volume. It can then suddenly stop due to a change of the above mentioned conditions.
This noise will not lead to failure. It is just a noise.

Later models are fitted with a modified refrigerant pipe. That's the pipe, which joins onto the compressor. The new type can be identified by the extra damper on the compressor end of the double pipe.
The Peugeot part number for the new pipe is: P646097

Picture: New type refrigerant pipe. Can be identified by the black can on one end.

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