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Since 2003, a series of articles were freely published on the Peugeot Cabriolet Owners Club website providing technical guidance and other useful information.

These articles are then illegally reproduced and sold on eBay as a PDF guide. So, to help owners of 306 Cabriolets all over the world live with their chosen ride, this PDF is now published for free here - exactly how the original authors/contributors intended!

Thanks to all those who produced the original material for these articles (see www.pcoclub.org/articles for full details and additcional articles).


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Checking and refilling the oil level in the hood's hydraulic system

Many owners of cabriolets fitted with electric hoods think wrongly that everything is electric and therefore maintenance free. In fact, only a small part is electric, this part serving to control a hydraulic pump (a bit like power steering), and it is this which actuates the hydraulic rams for the hood.

As with any hydraulic equipment, it is important to check the oil level regularly in order to be sure the system will operate properly.

This article is based on a 306 Cabriolet but its applies to all cabriolets with an electro-hydraulic roof mechanism even though the pump/reservoir design and layout will alter.

The level

The Peugeot reference for the oil in the hydraulic system is 9735.57

Remove the screw indicated by the arrow in the photo below.

Later pump type

Add oil into the hydraulic system up to the level of the filling screw, and then replace the screw.

Note: the photos and description is of a late model 306 Cabriolet. For earlier models (see photo below), remove the screw on the upper part of the reservoir and fill with oil up to the levels marked "min and max".

Earlier pump type

Do a trial lowering and raising of the hood, then add oil to the reservoir of the system up to the level of the screw hole if the level has gone down. Replace the screw taking care not to over-tighten it.

Check after a short time and several operations that the level has not gone down, otherwise this signifies that there is a leak in the system.

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