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Since 2003, a series of articles were freely published on the Peugeot Cabriolet Owners Club website providing technical guidance and other useful information.

These articles are then illegally reproduced and sold on eBay as a PDF guide. So, to help owners of 306 Cabriolets all over the world live with their chosen ride, this PDF is now published for free here - exactly how the original authors/contributors intended!

Thanks to all those who produced the original material for these articles (see www.pcoclub.org/articles for full details and additcional articles).


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Avoiding wear to the roof hydraulic hoses


It's a known problem on all 306 Cabriolet models, so it's better to prevent this problem than have to fix it. Whenever the electric hood is opened or closed, one of the hood supports slowly but surely rubs against the hydraulic hoses situated under the hood cover until it wears through. There is a solution method to avoid this happening.

Position of the affected area

We are working on the area circled in yellow, on the right-hand side under the hood cover.

Location of area
Making the guide

Make your guide from Plexiglas, rigid Nylon or another non-abrasive material to keep the hydraulics pipes firmly held towards the wing of the vehicle. Its length should be about 11cm. You need to make a hole at one end to attach it. The guide must not have any abrasive or cutting edges, otherwise the hydraulic hose will be damaged rather than protected.

This is what the guide needs to look like.
Identify the hydraulic hoses that need protection

With the roof up (ie. out of the compartment and area you need to work in), raise the hood cover and hold it in an open position whilst doing the quick modification. The hydraulic hoses concerned are outlined in yellow in the photo below.

Identify hoses


Guide bolted in place
Fix the guide

Use the bolt (outlined in yellow below) to fix your guide so that it holds the hydraulic hoses against the bodywork during the opening and closing of the hood.


That's it. You have just avoided the wear of the hydraulic hoses.

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