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Since 2003, a series of articles were freely published on the Peugeot Cabriolet Owners Club website providing technical guidance and other useful information.

These articles are then illegally reproduced and sold on eBay as a PDF guide. So, to help owners of 306 Cabriolets all over the world live with their chosen ride, this PDF is now published for free here - exactly how the original authors/contributors intended!

Thanks to all those who produced the original material for these articles (see www.pcoclub.org/articles for full details and additcional articles).


Please note that neither the author nor the Peugeot Cabriolet Owners Club can guarantee the accuracy or consequences of any article published within this document. Use of any information published in these pages is entirely at your own risk.


Front door card removal and window adjustment

Below is a guide to remove the interior door card off a 306 Cabriolet. It is based on a Phase 2 model and may not apply to either the Phase 1 door trim or the later Phase 3 but is likely to form a good basis (not tried!). There is potential for damaging clips and more in doing this, so please rear and note the disclaimer at the foot of this page before proceeding!

To remove the door trim you will need a torque driver (star-shaped), a paint scraper or something similar and a small electrical screwdriver.

Important Note: Be very careful and do not rush, there are some plastic clips
that you donít want to break.

  1. Ensure the front window is down (it's a lot easier to remove the card when it is down).
  2. Remove the electric window/mirror switch (should just pop out with the use of the electrical screwdriver) then undo the screw from behind it.
  3. Remove the small round cover in the top left corner of the door card and then remove the screw.
  4. Remove the plastic trim from around the door latch/handle.
  5. Undo the screw from beneath the door handle.
  6. Remove the small cover that sits directly behind the mirror (should just pull off).
  7. Remove the cover from the speaker. Undo the 3 screws and remove the speaker.
  8. Now all that should be holding the door card on is about 5 or 6 plastic clips.
  9. Starting just to the right of the speaker, try and prize the door card away from the bottom of the door. Use the paint scraper to do this but be careful not to scratch the paint. Work your way across the bottom then up both sides.

Important note: don't rush at this point if you take your time the plastic clips should pop off without breaking. You might find it easier to lie underneath the door so that you can see the clips.

  1. Once all the clips are free you need to lift the door card over the door lock. Job done.

These instructions were written by Andrew in order to allow access to the window mechanism. If you find the level of the window when up or down is not correct, it can be adjusted via the U-shaped clamps which hold in the front windows:

Diagram of front window fixing system

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