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Since 2003, a series of articles were freely published on the Peugeot Cabriolet Owners Club website providing technical guidance and other useful information.

These articles are then illegally reproduced and sold on eBay as a PDF guide. So, to help owners of 306 Cabriolets all over the world live with their chosen ride, this PDF is now published for free here - exactly how the original authors/contributors intended!

Thanks to all those who produced the original material for these articles (see www.pcoclub.org/articles for full details and additcional articles).


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Replacing the vinyl hood cover

Example of vinyl covering shrinking on hood cover

You'll need the following tools to undertake this work:

Removing the hood cover

In order to re-cover the lid it will be a lot easier to remove it and then to work with it on the floor.

Remove the lid.

  1. Note: mark the position of any brackets before you remove them so that when you come to put the lid back on, it will be in exactly the same place.
  2. Undo the four bolts that hold the hydraulic arm to the lid.
  3. Undo the four bolts (two are short and two are long) from the hinge brackets.
Removing old vinyl covering

To remove the old covering:

  1. Turn the lid upside-down.
  2. Undo the eight or so captive nuts that hold the black metal bar on. The bar I am referring to runs on the top side around the back edge of the vinyl - clearly shown in the above photo.
  3. Remove the bar you have just released.
  4. Drill and pop out approximately 16 rivets that hold the three metal bars across the front edge and remove these.
  5. Remove the old black covering.
  6. Shake out the ends of the rivets. This might take some time but they will all come out eventually.
Re-covering with vinyl (back edge)

To start re-covering the hood cover, start with the back edge:

  1. Turn the lid the correct way up if it is still turned upside-down.
  2. Run a bead of double sided tape / foam pad in the grove where the black metal bar sits. (Be sure to leave gaps for the bolts to go through).
  3. Lay the Vinyl sheet over the area that will be covered.
  4. Fasten the black bar back into position (clamping the vinyl in place) by starting in the middle and working towards the edges. You will have to cut small slots in the vinyl to allow the bolts to go through. For every bolt, I cut a 2cm slot running parallel to the bar. This was to ensure I could move the vinyl around a bit if I needed to.
Re-covering with vinyl (front / leading edge)
Attaching the leading edge of the vinyl

To secure the front edge:

  1. Stand the lid on its rear end (use thick cloth, foam padding or polystyrene to protect it).
  2. Starting in the middle pull the new sheet of vinyl over the front edge. You will need to "work" the vinyl stretching it as you move towards the two edges.
  3. The next step requires two people (unless you have four arms...); while one person holds the vinyl and metal bar in place, the other will need to make a hole in the vinyl and re-rivet the front bar back on. Again, it is a good idea to start in the middle and work toward the two edges.

It can be a pain to get the vinyl to sit flat, especially around the corners, but if you persevere and take your time, eventually you should get it right.

Final Touches

All you have to do now is cut off the excess vinyl and put the lid back on the car.

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