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Latest Product Safety Recalls

20. March 2011
Models involved are Peugeot 308, 3008, and RCZ vehicles manufactured between March 2010 to October 2010.
In some instances the fuel return pipe might wear through and cause a leak due to contact between the fuel return pipe and the fuel filter support bracket.
Peugeot—308, 3008, and RCZ Vehicles—Fuel Return Pipe

20. October 2010
Models involved are 307 308 and Expert. Following an earlier software upgrade a further upgrade needs to be performed in order to rectify a light switch malfunction. The official public notice by Peugeot Australia can be found on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) web site.
Peugeot 307, 308, Expert lighting malfunction

14. May 2010
It has come to our attention that a small number of Peugeot 407 vehicles have been recalled for remedial action. Problems with the front lights may occur due to a wiring harness contacting the cooling fan. The official public notice by Peugeot Australia can be found on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) web site.
Peugeot 407 exterior lighting

General Recall Information

Owners of vehicles involved in a safety recall are usually notified by their Peugeot Dealer. Furthermore, recalls will always be announced in a public media like a newspaper or web site. In Australia the best place to look for product recalls is the ACCC web site. They also have a list with vehicle identification numbers of involved vehicles. There you will find Peugeot recalls dating back to 1991, which by the way concerns the 405 Mi16. If you are unsure whether a recall exists for your car, go to the ACCC web site Australia only or better, contact a Peugeot Dealer. They can quickly determine whether your vehicle is listed for any remedial work under the recall scheme. You will have to provide the VIN for identification of your vehicle.

Causes of engine pinging.

There appears to be widespread misapprehension about causes of engine pinging. Read about myths and facts of engine pinging here.

Peugeot Fuse Applications

Use the menu below to locate fuse appliction charts for some of the earlier models. On latter model Peugeots the fuse application can be found in the owner's manual.

an image Welcome To Peugeotlogic

The Independent Technical Information Site For Peugeot Owners!

The purpose of this website is to provide technical information to Peugeot owners and professional repairers.
We welcome visitors from all over the world and invite you to contact us with questions or to make contributions.
We would like to encourage everyone to browse the workshop and FAQ section before posting questions.

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This site was founded in 1992 by a Peugeot technician who became increasingly frustrated
with the lack of technical information at the time. Documentation systems for known issues that would
be available to anyone worldwide were unheard of back then. Peugeot Technicians used to lead a very lonely
existence in their workshop, digging in the dark for solutions to difficult problems.
This is what inspired the creation of this website. Not much ever became of it; it was just
an insignificant idea that resulted in this little insignificant web site.
Much has changed since then; the car Manufacturer Peugeot has established an online training and
information centre that has no rivals. Their splendid system provides Factory technicians with product
training and workshop repair manuals.
The online workshop manuals, that also contain workshop bulletins relating to known faults, can be accessed
by independent car repairers for a fee. We can't however show you a link to the website as Peugeot explicitly
forbids to publish links to the technical site. The name of the site contains the words, servicebox, public and
I believe also the the name of the brand. I hope by saying this we did not break any French or international laws.

Technical Information!

an image

Are you looking for answers?
Do you have a problem with your Peugeot that nobody has been able to solve?
Have you been left in the dark by your repairer.
Search this site for information on your car problem first, and if you are unsuccessful you can contact us with a detailed description of the issue.
We will then try to find a possible solution for you. It's free and you will get a reply but no guarantee.
We are happy to share what we know but we don't apologise for what we don't know.


Ask Now

Engine Oil, mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic?


What oil should I put in my Peugeot engine?
That's the question we get asked most often and there is more than just a single and simple answer. In the last 10 years diesel and petrol engines went through massive technological advancements yielding phenomenal increases in performance, fuel efficiency, durability and reduction in harmful emissions. With the advancement of the internal combustion engines the demand on lubricants has also increased. We need to ask more than just: Should I use mineral oil, semi-synthetic, or full-synthetic oil? We have to look for the ACEA specification. To learn more about oils go to the Oil Bible

How to choose The right oil
For your car


Peugeot recommends Total oils. Total is a very good oil but that does not mean you can't use another brand. The oil requirement is usually specified in the owners handbook and on a label under the bonnet. The spec. for a HDi engine for example could look like this, ACEA B4/C3. The best way to decide wich oil to use is to go to the oil manufacturer's web site and use their Lubrication Guide. Here are two links:
Castrol Australia | Penrite Oil Or go to Peugeot Australia Recommendations

Le Mans 24 Hours Racing

Peugeot 905 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP

PEUGEOT 905 powered by a 700hp 3.5 litre V10 engine.
In 1992 this powerful Lion came in first and third place at the Le Mans 24h and it took place one, two and three in 1993.
Learn more about Peugeot's past involvement in Le Mans 24 hours racing.
A Century Of Competition

The first Le Mans endurance race was held in 1923, Peugeot first entered the 24 hours race in 1926. Find the Le Mans history time line on the . . .
GEL Motorsport Information Page.

Peugeot returns to Le Mans in 2007.
After a long break in endurance racing Peugeot returns with the 908 HDi FAP, 5.5L, 100° V12 >700 hp engine.
In 2009 the Lion takes Place 1 and 2 in Le Mans 24 hours.
Wikipedia Peugeot Sport.

18. January 2012, Peugeot announced its withdrawal from Le Mans racing.
It is very disappointing that we don't get to see the new Peugeot 908 HY Hybrid perform.
Hopefully sometime in the future there will be a new announcement in this spot informing us of Peugeot’s return to Le Mans.

Peugeot DAM number

The DAM number represents the exact date of manufacture for a Peugeot and can be found on vehicles built on or after The 1.January 1993 with the number 5898. In the parts department this number is sometimes needed to differenciate between daily production variations. The VIN allone does not alaways point to the correct part number.

To find more information on the DAM or how to locate and read the number go to Liontamer.net

If you like to work out the exact build date of your car from the DAM number, there is now a calculator for download here: DAM number calculator

The calculator is a MS Excel spreadhseet. Don't worry, it's not a list with a million numbers. You enter the DAM and a clever little built in formula calculates the exact build date of your Peugeot.

Get your DAM calculator and support this site -


Anti Pollution Fault.

We receive large numbers of enquiries with regards to the anti pollution fault. This usually means a warning saying - Anti Pollution System faulty - is showing on the display. Quite often the engine warning light illuminates at the same time. It is also possible there are no noticable symptons.

In short, this warning indicates the presence of a fault, either in the engine management system or the transmission mangagement system, that affects the vehicle's emissions.
Any malfunction like a slight misfire, fuel mixture too rich or lean over a priod of time, or even a problem in the transmission can trigger this warning.

In every case without exception there is only one step that can be taken at the earliest conveniece. Take the care to a workshop
- DO NOT ASK PEUGEOTLOGIC WHY THIS IS HAPPENING - If you don't wish or can't go to a Peugeot Service Centre then you can go to a independent workshop as long as they have a suitable diagnostic scan tool.

A scan of all the systems will soon point in the directon of the problem. The cause can be in the transmission or then engine management system, more often in the engine side. Reading the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) is always the essential first step of a diagnostic procedure and will often lead to a quick resolution. However a resolution is not always instantanious and further testing may be required. The onboard diagnostic system can never give an absolute answer, it will point the technician in the direction and he has hopefully the experience and the skills to drill down to the root of the problem.